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โทรศัพท์ทำด้วยเพชรและทองคำ 10 อันดับ สุดยอดแพงหูฉี่

Top 10 Luxurious Mobile Phone
Those days are gone when a mobile phone itself was considered as a luxurious thing to own. But now-a-days even one with latest technology and features, normal mobile phones are incapable of drawing people’s attention. We have made a list of the most expensive mobile phones that stand out of the crowd with their sheer luxuriousness.

1. Le Million Mobile Phone valued at $1,300,000

This one also made by Golvish with a blinding 120 carats worth of VVS-1 grade diamonds is really good looking luxury phone. Emmanuel Gruet, the designer of the phone has given it a awesome finish.

2. Pieces Unique Mobile Phone valued at $1,298,000

There are three pieces of these mobiles in this world of which one is reported to be sold to a Russian Businessman. These mobiles are made by Goldvish with 18 carat gold set with top quality diamonds.
  • Bluetooth
  • 2 GB Memory
  • 8x digital camera
  • MP3 player
  • worldwide FM Radio
  • e-mail capability

3. Diamond Crypto Smartphone valued at $1,100,000

Created by Russina firm JSC Ancort, this smartphone is energized with 50 diamonds, 10 of which are rare blue diamonds. This phone is equipped with specially developed Windows CE.

4. Vertu Signature Cobra valued at $310,000

Vertu has made 8 pices of Signature Cobra with one pear-cut diamond, one round white diamond, two emerald eyes and 439 rubies. The design of the phone is made by French jeweller Boucheron.

5. Sony Ericsson Black Diamond valued at $300,000

Created by designer Jaren Goh with titane with polycarbonate, mirror-finish cladding and diamonds. As for features it offers a Quad-Band reception with Wi-Fi, an Intel 400 MHz processor running Windows Mobile 5, a 2″ touchscreen, 128MB internal memory, 2GB SD Card and a respectable 4MP camera.

6. Vertu Diamond valued at $88,000

These diamond encrusted handsets made from platinum is Vertu’s premium range of high-end mobile phones. There are only 200 handsets in this world.

7. Motorola Special Edition valued at $52,000

Austrian designer Peter Aloisson has taken a standard motorola handset and studded it with 1,200 diamonds and 18 carat gold keyboard.

8. Nokia 8800 Sirocco Limited Gold S Edition valued at $16,000

The back cover and the keyboard consist of 150 grams of pure gold. The display cover is crafted in 24 carat pure gold. There are standard features such as clock, calender, Bluetooth and 2 MP camera.

9. VX Royal Hearts on Fire phone valued at $12,000

The phone has two models one made with solid gold and another with white gold. It has a 1.9 inch display, plays MP3 and MP4.

10. Constellation valued at $4,350

This is the cheapest phone that Vertu sells. The lather encased phone has a sapphire crystal display, a laser etched keypad. The basic phone features are Bluetooth, messaging and an audio/video player. (


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